LA Style

Enter the world of cutting-edge hairstyling with our exclusive LA Style, featuring the LA Weave—a braidless weaving technique that transcends traditional methods. At G.E.L.F Creations Salon, the LA Weave is not just a service; it's a meticulous process of crafting seamless, natural-looking extensions that enhance your hair's volume and length.

Imagine a sequence of tiny rings delicately placed in a straight line near the scalp, forming a discreet "track" that seamlessly integrates with your natural hair. The brilliance of the LA Weave lies in the precision of its application. Each micro-ring, strategically spaced a few centimetres apart, becomes a fusion of art and technology. Our skilled stylists, armed with creativity and precision, secure the extensions by threading a short length of hair through each ring and firmly pressing it into place using specialised pliers.

The result? A flawless, undetectable weave that adds depth and dimension to your hair, all while maintaining a natural look and feel. The LA Style is more than just an extension; it's a manifestation of modern sophistication, where innovation meets elegance. Experience the LA Weave, where every strand is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship that defines our commitment to bringing you the latest in hairstyling excellence.

£100.00 Starting Price

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